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WHY? Should one consider a less traditional way of living?¬†Well for one, we are all unique individuals with different tastes, needs and wants. When you consider that perhaps a suburban house isn’t for you and you decide to explore alternatives, you embark not only on a House hunt, but you also begin to learn more about yourself and who you really are. Once you’ve allowed yourself to quiet the chatter of everyone and their uncle telling you how to live your life, you begin to feel a sense of freedom. So, self-discovery (or awareness) and the freedom to be I’d say are two major WHY’s in my book.

Also, when you opt to live in an unconventional home or chose rather, to live a nomadic life, living on the road, from city to city, you open your eyes to something new. An experience or experiences yo never knew existed before.

You also get to save some money!! Less heating usually due to the smaller square footage that come along with these properties. Many times, these homes use renewable energy such as solar panels. Yes, there may be an upfront cost but you save in the long-run. Not to mention the tax credits for a more ”green” and energy efficient option.

You save on other utilities such as cable. Let’s face it, if you’re the type of person looking for a different way of living, you may not be all that much into TV. I could be wrong but… then again I could be right. Just a hunch. This will obviously also impact your electric bill. Like I mentioned above, you may even be able to eliminate that monthly expense.

If you choose to live off-the-grid, you become one with nature. Imagine being able to actually see the stars at night. Without light pollution, it is quite a scene to behold. Gotta see it for yourself at least one man!

You also get a chance to live off the land. Grow your own fruit and vegetable. If you’re fortunate enough, a few small animals. Trust me, raising your own food is the best way to go. You won’t be eating any of the chemicals the ”Man” is always putting on the plants and the injected growth hormones into the animals that we later consume.

These are some of the reasons I believe that you should seriously consider alternative living but I’ll be sure to give you plenty more reasons through my articles.

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